Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Download Gratis Aplikasi _ Windows (HUD Premium Theme zip ) FREE

Kali ini kami akan bagikan Aplikasi _ Windows (HUD Premium Theme zip )  terbaru. Temen-temen bisa downAplikasi _ Windows (HUD Premium Theme zip ) load  tersebut gratis.

Size: 62.973 MB
Here is the HUD Premium Theme from Virtual Customs….a premium theme for Windows 7 which Mr Grim is selling on his site for $4.95. For you it\’s FREE! I have included in this file the entire theme-pack, along with all the theme-extras and the 7tsp software you will need to apply the icons and other extras. 7tsp is safe. Google it to find out more! Also, your system MUST be patched first, before you can use custom themes! You\’ll need to get Universal Theme Patcher or UxStyle Core, to patch your system BEFORE applying this theme. You can Google that too for more information! Features: There are 4 styles to chose from, 2 for the bottom details pane position (default) and 2 for the top details pane position, there is an aero and a basic style for both, The basic styles are also fully skinned and worth taking a look at and some people may even prefer it. HUD Basic Theme HUD Topshell Theme HUD Topshell Basic Theme HUD Icons System Clock Shell32 Control panel images MAX Glass Cursors HUD Sound Scheme System Properties Logo Getting Started top Pane Games Menu Preview Pane New WEI index images with square borders wmploc (Windows Media Player) Skin/Mod New Fonts Eurostile, Unsteady Oversteer and Vibrocentric Theme Resource Changer And much more!!

Download Gratis Aplikasi _ Windows (HUD Premium Theme zip ) FREE

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